School Occupational Therapist Jobs

Just as you focus on your patients, Soliant focuses on school occupational therapists like you by helping to give you the most rewarding career with hundreds of jobs in school districts all across the U.S.

It takes a special kind of person to help students regain skills that were once taken away. Infinitely patient, with a mastery over frustration, you take joy in the smallest of steps as your patients reclaim motor skills needed for daily life. A career in school occupational therapy can be richly rewarding—if you have what it takes. Browse our school occupational therapy jobs right now.

School Occupational Therapist Duties

A school-based occupational therapist uses specific knowledge and experience to help students participate in day-to-day activities, caring for their emotional, academic, and mental health and well-being. The main goal of the school occupational therapist is to help encourage and increase participation in daily school routines, extra activities and other social events. On a daily basis, the school occupational therapist will be asked to conduct thorough analysis of the students, make recommendations to improve the students’ participation and progress, reduce student limitations, provide technology to support students in their success goals, help certain students develop alternate learning methods, identify long-term goals for each student as well as the school itself, plan for extra-curricular activities and prepare older students for employment or college after high school. Occupational therapists are important for addressing both the academic and the mental and physical health of each student. They can also provide their support services to the staff and faculty, helping the education process run smoothly on all ends.

School Occupational Therapist Education Requirements

A relevant bachelor’s degree is a requirement for becoming a school occupational therapist. It is also recommended that a professional pursue a master’s degree in occupational therapy in order to qualify for all of the necessary licensures and certifications. Then, the school occupational therapist must pass the NBCOT examination, which will grant them a license from the state licensing board. A school occupational therapist is also required to have critical thinking skills, the ability to work well with children and a strong habit for advocating for better education.

School Occupational Therapist Job Market

The upward trend in the demand for school occupational therapists makes this a great time to apply for a job in this field. The salary range for school OTs is often in fluctuation, and can vary depending on the state and school of hiring.

Occupational Therapist Teletherapy Jobs

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