Cath Lab Tech Jobs

As a Cath Lab Tech, your role is vital in assisting doctors and healthcare professionals during cardiovascular procedures. At Soliant, we play a vital role in your career by paring you with healthcare facilities that match your career desires and needs.

When you join the Soliant team, you’ll have access to a personal recruiter who is just as passionate about your career as you are. Our experts understand the value of you and your career which means we are committed to matching you with the best hospitals and healthcare providers in the country. We go the distance in finding you the perfect job assignment so that you can focus on what matters most: you and your job.

Cath Lab Tech Duties

Cath Lab Tech duties include assisting doctors and healthcare professionals during invasive cardiovascular procedures by monitoring the EKG readouts and keeping them informed on any readings that are considered abnormal or concerning. Prior to surgery, Cath Lab Techs are responsible for ensuring that all EKG equipment is working properly, explaining procedures to patients, and answering any questions they may have. Post-surgery, responsibilities include reading and interpreting results of test procedures and providing complete documentation of patient procedures.

Cath Lab Tech Requirements

To become an entry-level Cath Lab Tech, most employers will require an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Associate of Science degree. During your studies, you will more than likely attend lectures and laboratory classes to receive hands-on training. Hospital internships are also common to the curriculum to offer as much experience as possible. Certification, licensing, and additional education are not necessarily required however these will increase your likelihood of advancement opportunities in your Cath Lab Tech career.

Travel Cath Lab Tech Jobs

Travel Cath Lab Tech jobs provide you with the opportunity to obtain job positions in various locations throughout the country. While the same general responsibilities will remain, travel jobs present the opportunity to experience new environments, gain experience and take longer breaks in between assignments. This option offers career flexibility creating the life-work balance that works best for you. With established networks across the country, the Soliant team will work you to make sure that your travel assignments align with your career goals and lifestyle.

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