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Histologist Jobs

Soliant has histologist jobs in a variety of settings, including medical facilities, private laboratories and ambulatory centers.

Medical professionals count on you to prepare and preserve biological samples and monitor pathology lab procedures to ensure uniformity, consistency and quality results. It’s detailed, focused work that requires a commitment to quality. At Soliant we understand completely because just like you, we are fully committed to getting it right, every single time. So you can count on us to find the histologist job that’s exactly what you’re looking for. With the pay, benefits, location and work environment you want.

You’ve probably noticed you do more kinds of tests than ever before. That’s one of the main reasons why jobs in the histology field are growing. As this trend continues, expect the demand for people with your skills to remain strong. Soliant helps you tap that demand and rewards you with compensation that reflects what you’re worth.

Histologist Duties

The histologist is required to work under the direction of laboratory technologists, physicians and other medical staff. On a daily basis, the histologist’s main duties will be to freeze, cut and analyze tissue samples in order to identify cell functions and detect any abnormalities. The primary goal of the histologist is to prepare slides for examination under a microscope, often dealing with plant, animal and human tissue samples. Aside from having a required knowledge of pathology, the histologist will also be asked to employ their skills with laboratory equipment, automated machines, staining techniques and the general policies and procedures of the hospital laboratory. A histologist should pay attention to detail, have good critical thinking skills and be able to communicate effectively.

Histologist Education Requirements

A prospective histologist must earn at least an associate’s degree from a technical college. It is recommended that the individual pursue a higher level of learning, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a related field. The prospective histologist must also participate in an internship or practicum, which can generally take one to two years, in order to familiarize themselves with lab technician equipment and gain familiarity with the day-to-day tasks at hand. Although histologists aren’t nationally required to be certified, many employers prefer certified histology technicians over those who aren’t certified. Prospective professionals can aim to earn qualifications through the American Society for Clinical Pathology. A degree and certification is required to be competitive and stay ahead of the market in this career path.

Histologist Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a histology technician can vary depending on location, experience and job description of the facility. Fortunately, there is a 16% growth projected for histologists, making it an opportune time to seek employment in this field. Through 2024, demand for this job is higher than the national average.

4 Jobs found

Charleston, SC - Hospital Seeking Histo Tech

Charleston, SC

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman Charleston, SC - Hospital Seeking Travel Histo Tech Our hospital in Charleston is seeking an experienced Histo Tech for a travel assignment. The manager is ready to start someone immediately so...

Contract Posted 16 days ago

Lakewood, CO Hospital Seeking an Experienced Histology Tech for Travel

Lakewood, CO

Our hospital in Lakewood, CO is in need of an experienced Histology Tech for a travel assignment. The manager is ready to start someone immediately so apply today. The successful candidate will be able to work an 8pm to 5am shift. Lakewood offers a bevy of can’t-miss things to do; including...

Contract Posted 16 days ago

Kalamazoo, MI Hospital Seeking Travel Histo Tech

Kallamazoo, MI

Our Kalamazoo, MI hospital is seeking an experienced travel Histo Tech. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to work 40 hours per week (Mon thru Fri) and demonstrate ASCP certification. Phoenix offers a bevy of can’t-miss things to do; including fine dining, art galleries, unique...

Contract Posted 16 days ago

Ithaca, NY Hospital Seeking an experienced Histo Tech

Ithaca, NY

Our hospital in Ithaca, NY is in need of an experienced Histo Tech for a travel assignment. The manager is ready to start someone immediately so apply today. As a Histo Technologist you will: Work within the pathology department as an assistant to the Pathologists Be responsible for prompt and...

Contract Posted 16 days ago