Nursing Jobs

Whatever your nursing specialty or your unique preferences, we have the resources to support you in finding the nursing job that works for you, including helping you make your resume stand out and preparing you for interviews. We also have the connections to place you in the perfect position for you.

At Soliant, we applaud your dedication to nursing. To reciprocate, we offer your nursing career the same level of professional dedication and care you offer patients. It’s this recognition that sets Soliant apart from other nursing companies. When you take a nursing job with Soliant, you can be assured that we are always looking for new ways to advance your career.

Nursing Duties

As a nurse with Soliant, you are responsible for the primary and every-day care of your patients. Whether you are a nurse in a hospital, specialty practice, family office, school, or even in a sports facility, your expected duties will be the same. Nurses assist in the performance of physical exams, as well as questioning the patient about their medical history in order to conduct an accurate assessment of their needs. You will encourage good health practices as well as help administer medications, shots, wound treatments and other forms of physical care. Your duty is to help make critical decisions about what a patient needs the most, and coordinate their care with other nurses and doctors in the building.

Nursing Education Requirements

To land a position in nursing, you will typically need a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. There are many ways to achieve enough credentials for nursing, with several training facilities available to help your dream become a reality. As a licensed practical nurse, the applicant must have completed postsecondary training as well as having passed the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. Registered nurses must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as having passed the NCLEX-PN. Meeting the requirements for nursing extends beyond the required education materials, however. A good nurse will be able to make critical decisions, work well in group environments and have a great attention to detail.

Nursing Job Market

Currently, nursing is in an upward trend. The growing patient populations, mostly due to the Baby Boomers generation growing older, create an increased need for nurses and resident nurses. An increase in Medicare patients predicts that there will be a demand of over 580,000 nurses by 2025. While all other occupations forecast a 7% growth between now and 2024, the nursing field expects to increase by 16%, giving it the edge in job prospects. No matter what type of nurse you wish to be, now is a great time to enter the nursing field.

Just as you’re driven to assist others, let Soliant assist you in finding the nursing job of your dreams. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you can still find a nursing job, and we’re here to help!

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San Diego, CA OR RN

San Diego, CA

Always wanted to travel to California? Luckily, one of Soliant`s top partners has just released a position ready to hire a hard-working OR RN! San Diego, CA Evenings Circulate only, though scrub is a plus First-time traveler friendly! Level 1 trauma Dedicated staff Flexible hours TEXT/call Wendy...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Virginia OR RN Interviewing

Leesburg, VA

Soliant Health is currently searching for a dedicated OR RN ready to take in the lush beauty of Virginia and treat a diverse caseload. The team running this facility is made up of hard-working professionals who are excited about hiring their next traveler! Leesburg, VA Just over an hour to...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Chicago, IL OR RN

Chicago, IL

One of Soliant`s most reputable partners is in desperate need of a OR RN! This is a facility located in historic Chicago, IL; discover everything this beautiful city has to offer through this brand-new travel position! This position won`t be open for much longer, so please apply today! Chicago, IL...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN - Wyoming

Wheatland, WY

Soliant Health is currently seeking hard-working OR RN to work in a professional, healthy hospital located in Wyoming! This state is rich in opportunity for adventure and exploring the great outdoors in the rearing mountains and rivers. The hospital itself has a long and friendly relationship with...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN - Fairfield, CA

Fairfield, CA

Want to spend the rest of your summer in sun-kissed California? A hospital just outside of Fresno is in need of a diligent OR RN who is ready to serve the families of CA over the early fall season. This is a busy position, and the hospital itself is ran by a team of dedicated professionals - All of...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

St. Augustine, FL - OR RN

St. Augustine, FL

A hospital located in fun-loving St. Augustine, FL needs a qualified OR RN. This hospital is a long-time partner of Soliant, and its team values its staff and ensures they get all the experience they need. Enjoy the beach of the Atlantic, and the satisfying, hospitable culture of the South....

Travel Posted 19 days ago

North Carolina OR RN

Nags Head, NC

Nags Head is one of those places that offers something to everyone, whether it be for the outdoor enthusiast or cultural adventures. Enjoy what the beautiful state of NC has to offer through a 13 week travel assignment treating a professional facility`s patients and their families. The staff is...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Salt Lake City, Utah OR RN

Salt Lake City, UT

Soliant Health is currently in need of an adventurous traveler who is ready to serve an operating room based in Utah. Explore the majestic beauty of this outdoor oriented state, whether you`re seeking adventure or a place to catch your breath. 13 weeks ASAP Start! Salt Lake City, UT No weekends...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Johnson City, TN OR RN

Johnson City, TN

A facility located in the cultured state of Tennessee is ready to hire a dedicated OR RN who`s a hard-worker and passionate about what they do. This is a highly specialized position centered around nuero, ortho, vascular, and general surgery units. Discover the rich history and Southern hospitality...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN - Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Soliant Health is seeking a dedicated OR RN to serve the people of Alabama. Enjoy what the heart of the South has to offer through this freeing, flexible opening. This facility is excited to host its next traveler, and genuinely value its staff. They are accommodating, friendly, and hospitable. Get...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Travel OR RN - Arkansas

Bethel, AR

A local facility of AR is in desperate need of an OR RN! Enjoy what is considered to be one of the gateways into forest of the Trap Mountains - perfect terrain for any traveler looking for adventure. The hospital itself is surrounded by outdoor oriented attractions, hiking trails, and opportunities...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

San Francisco, CA OR RN

San Francisco, CA

Soliant has a lasting relationship with a hospital located in San Francisco that sits directly next to the Golden Gate Bridge. The area offers spectacular scenery with numerous recreation areas, cultural activities, and great shopping and dining. Mountains and lakes can be found within minutes! Any...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Enjoy the rush and culture of the Indianapolis as this city is in desperate need of a capable OR RN to care for its people. Soliant is partnering with one of its most reputable partners in the search for their next hard-working team member. Gain hands-on experience and create personal relationships...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Atlanta Peds OR RN

Atlanta, GA

Soliant Health`s long time partner located in Georgia has a brand-new opening for an dedicated OR RN! This is a specialized facility, and the team that runs it is promotes a healthy, professional environment that speeds up healing for the patients. The ideal applicants should already have previous...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Operating Room RN - Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Soliant Health is seeking for a caring OR RN ready to work in a specialized facility located in Illinois. At just a short drive to Chicago, this hospital is run by a team of professionals that are incredibly passionate about what they do, and are in need of someone like-minded. This is a peds...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN - Virginia

Fairfax, VA

Virginia is looking for a strong OR RN to work a 13 week assignment. This position is serving the neuro unit, so the ideal applicant will already have some experience in the operating room. Discover the majesty of Virginia in fall with this brand new travel assignment! Circulate Fairfax, VA 40...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN - Louisiana

Latanier, LA

A rare position in Latanier, LA has just been released for a capable OR RN! Enjoy Louisiana culture in the heart of the South during a blissful 13 weeks. This is a hospital that genuinely cares about its staff, and gives the best patient care in the state. Be the traveler that comes in to serve the...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN for North GA

Buford, GA

A hospital located in north Georgia is in dire need of a professional OR RN who is passionate about what they do. Enjoy the heart of the South, whether that be exploring the Eastern beaches, taking a trip to Atlanta, or reaping the benefits of Georgia hospitality and cuisine. This is the perfect...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

OR RN for VA

Oakton, VA

Soliant Health is seeking an OR RN to explore the culture of historic Fairfax, VA and the area of the District of Columbia. Virginia is a beautiful state for plenty of things to do for any traveler, including a broad range of the outdoors on every spectrum, and lots of shops and culture between...

Travel Posted 19 days ago

Phoenix, AZ OR RN

Phoenix, AZ

An esteemed hospital in Phoenix, AZ has opened its doors to the next big traveler position for the Operating Room! This facility provides optimal care to patients and their injuries and illnesses, specializing in General and Ortho care. The ideal candidate will already have some traveler experience...

Travel Posted 19 days ago