Per Diem Nursing Jobs

If you’re looking for the ultimate in flexibility and pay, a per diem nursing job with Soliant is ideal career for you. As a per diem nurse, you select the shifts you work around your schedule – nights, weekends, holidays, or whenever it’s convenient for you.

Whether you’re looking to work a per diem nursing job full-time or only on one of your days off, our innovative per diem option gives you flexibility to focus on your own unique mix of work and fun—at your own pace. Spend a week in one position, then take your earnings and move on to the next position. We can help you customize your schedule so your per diem work aligns with your plans.

Per diem nursing is a great way to sample a variety of work environments – from large teaching hospitals to small community clinics. When you take a per diem nursing job with Soliant, you’ll broaden your nursing skills by observing different nursing procedures and approaches.

Per Diem Nursing Duties

Since a per diem nurse is hired on a day-to-day basis, the list of duties may change depending on what task the doctors are in most need of assistance with. Typically, a per diem nurse works for a hospital, clinic, or other facility, providing essential nursing tasks and caring for patients on a personal level. One of the most likely scenarios in which per diem nurses are needed is when there is an outbreak of an epidemic, such as the flu virus. A per diem nurse would be asked to care for patients by administering medicine, monitoring fluid levels, assisting in medical procedures and helping patients with nutritional and sanitary needs.

Per Diem Nursing Education Requirements

In order to become a per diem nurse, you must graduate a nursing program with either a certificate, an associate’s, or a bachelor’s degree. Then, you will need the proper education as well as hands-on experience that makes you eligible to work in certain parts of the hospital, such as in intensive care unit or clinical work. The area of the hospital you will be hired for per diem work directly corresponds with what type of experience you have in that area. If you are to be hired on in a hospital’s psychiatric ward, you must have had hands-on experience in a psychiatric ward previously. On top of the education requirements, a per diem nurse is also expected to have an upbeat attitude and a flexible personality that allows them to work well with a variety of different people. Per diem nurses are often hired on to teams of people who already know each other, so you must perform excellently in a group while helping the hospital with the tasks assigned.

Per Diem Nursing Job Market

Since per diem nurses are hired by the day, they are often paid by the hour. The hourly pay differs from nurse to nurse, as it largely depends on the per diem nurse’s experience. There is always a high demand for per diem nurses in the current job market.

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