School Nurse Resume Outline & Example

School Nurse Resume

School Nurse Resume Outline

As a dedicated and driven expert, you have the experience, skills, and preparation to thrive as a school nurse. You are well-educated and ready to perform a school nurse’s different roles, but you need to set out that evidence in a specific format. The principal sections that make an exceptional resume are:

  • Description: In this part, you summarize the experience you have as a school nurse, your qualifications, and how you have reached this point in your career trajectory.
  • Objective: The objective statement is a crucial section of your resume. You describe your motivations, skills, and ambition so that schools see precisely why they should hire you.
  • Skills: In the skills portion, you describe the various abilities that translate to your guaranteed success in the position. As a school nurse, you are caring, student-focused, and capable of thriving in any school site.
  •  Work Experience: Your work experience is an opportunity to emphasize your employment history, specifically how it can transfer to this potential job. You can include any previous employment in this section, as long as you connect between that job and the one you’re applying to. If you can link it to the current position, you can list volunteer work, as well.
  • Certifications: As a school nurse, you have likely accumulated multiple certifications. In the certifications section, you can highlight the certificates you received. Check to be sure that you include all pertinent certificates to improve your projection as a practical and competent school nurse.
  • Education: You have been through many years of training and education on your path to becoming a school nurse. This portion of the resume is your moment to talk about your educational history. The standard format is to list your schools, years of attendance, and the degrees you received, in reverse chronological order.

School Nurse Resume Objective

In your resume, the objective statement is a crucial and pivotal component. It is usually near the top of the page – front and center – and provides a glimpse of your aspirations to the interviewers. You should include a snapshot of your experience, critical skills, and aspirations with the school. Often, readers sweep resumes aside when they encounter a sub-par objective statement. Use this item as a leading opportunity to impress the hiring committee.

The objective statement is a chance to show your style and dedication to nursing. Although there is no flawless assertion, there are time-tested tactics that can help you engage the committee. Here are some examples of objective statements that you can alter to build your own powerful declaration:

  • In my four years as a school nurse, I have developed a vast skill set that I can use to assist all students. Using research-based techniques, I can assess and treat any injuries or illnesses students may have. I thrive in the school setting and cannot wait to join your enthusiastic team of educators and administrators to support all children in the school.
  • As a school nurse with a decade of experience, I have a brilliant history of helping children thrive. I’m excited to join your team to continue advising, treating, and assisting students. My patience, calmness, and selflessness will translate to your school site seamlessly.
  • My experience in a pediatric hospital setting will transfer perfectly to this school nurse position. I am motivated and eager to become a member of your school site. My energy, expertise, and commitment to student health are some of my assets, as is my willingness to work as part of a team.

School Nurse Skills

In the skills portion, you lay specific skills you utilize as a nurse and those soft skills that transfer across industries. When hiring committees interview prospective school nurses, they want to see that the candidates possess particular abilities. Some skills that you can list in this part of the resume to show off your strengths are:

  • Demonstrating professionalism and expertise.
  • Exceptional clinical skills and awareness.
  • Caring and empathy
  • Solid medical skills and understanding.
  • Effective interactions with physically and mentally challenged students.
  • Advanced computer proficiency.
  • Outstanding attention to detail.
  • Understanding of District policies and procedures as they pertain to health services

School Nurse Certification

In the certification section, you list appropriate licenses, certifications, and credentials. While interviewers are looking mainly for those mandatory certificates, you can also include other certifications to boost your resume. While requirements vary significantly by state, here are the necessary and beneficial credentials you’ll need in much of the country:

  • A current RN license
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher degree in nursing,
  • OR a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field connected to school nursing, including six credits in the following subjects:
    • Management of primary health care problems in children
    • Health assessment of children
    • Public health/community health/epidemiology
  • National Certified School Nurse (optional, for those looking to broaden their career outlook)

School Nurse Resume Example

Jane Doe

1234 Main Street, Anytown, IN 12345 • Phone: (123)123-4567 • *Email: [email protected]


School nurses are required to be patient, organized, and caring, with the ability to help students of all ages and ailments. I am fully qualified and prepared to continue providing exceptional care to children at school sites.


In my four years as a school nurse, I have developed a vast skill set that I can use to assist all students. Using research-based techniques, I can assess and treat any injuries or illnesses students may have. I thrive in the school setting and cannot wait to join your enthusiastic team of educators and administrators to support all children in the school.


As a school nurse, I know the importance of being skilled. I have years of experience demonstrating professional expertise towards both students and other professionals. I am caring and empathetic with all students, with the agility to gauge any situation. I possess exceptional communication abilities and can fit them to meet all school members’ demands. I am compassionate and patient with all students, quickly developing solutions for injuries and illnesses. With my extensive medical background, I can tailor proven and novel approaches to solve issues that may arise daily. I am considerate and selfless with various stakeholders of the school community. My attention to detail and knowledge of District policies can give you confidence in my nursing abilities and performance in this position.

Work Experience

  • Provided school nurse services in elementary school settings, including assessment, treatment, and advising for countless students.
  • Worked with parents, teachers, and staff to help students remain healthy and confident
ABC Pediatric Hospital 6/16-8/18
  • Worked with children and adolescents in long-term and chronic care settings
  • Assisted physicians and specialists in developing and implementing care plans for children with multiple illnesses and injuries.
  • Provided school nurse services in a middle school setting
  • Used acquired techniques, specifically to help developmental and physically challenged students reach outcomes
  • Created medicine administration plans for students to ensure consistent usage
  • Worked in district nursing transition program shadowing certified school nurses
  • Learned how to implement plans and customized methods for all students to maintain health
  • Committed hours of intensive training and research to grow professionally
  • Special education teacher assistant in an elementary school setting
  • Assistant to special education teacher of K-5 students, helping implement proven and evidence-backed strategies to help students attain IEP goals and objectives


Certified School Nurse Credential – Hometown University, CA
Nursing License – Hometown University, CA


MSN in School Nursing – Hometown University, CA
  • In this program, I learned vital skills to help children with various illnesses or injuries. I passed intensive courses and essential training to further prepare for school nursing and to broaden my knowledge scope.
Bachelor’s in Nursing – Main University, OR
  • During the BSN journey, I developed a deep comprehension of school nursing and the skill set needed to thrive.

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