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Best Jobs for Military Spouses

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Best Jobs for Military Spouses

Military families often move frequently due to the nature of military service, meaning military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a successful career. Frequent relocations, irregular schedules, and the need for flexibility can make finding a job as a military spouse an incredibly difficult task. However, there is hope!

In this guide, Soliant breaks down five great jobs for military spouses, including the unique benefits of each role for military spouses and how they accommodate the diverse needs and lifestyles of military families.

Best Careers for Military Spouses

1. Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is an excellent job opportunity for military spouses as it offers an incredible amount of flexibility, which is essential for families who often find themselves needing to relocate frequently.

Travel nursing enables military spouses to maintain a stable career while supporting their partner’s military obligations, providing military spouses with a consistent income and benefits, such as health insurance and housing stipends. Because nurses are currently in very high demand across the country, military spouses benefit from a wide range of location options to choose from and competitive pay.

One of the most significant benefits that travel nursing jobs offer to military spouses is the lack of stress associated with job hunting when it comes time to move again. Because travel nursing agencies typically handle the logistical aspects of securing assignments and licensing requirements, agencies help facilitate a smooth transition between locations.

2. Teacher

Becoming a teacher is a great job for military spouses, as the role offers a level of flexibility that also caters to the unique lifestyle of military families. Frequent relocations can be challenging, but the demand for teachers across the country ensures that military spouses have ample opportunities to find teaching positions wherever they are.

Additionally, many states offer reciprocity agreements for teaching credentials, which makes it easier for military spouses to transfer their certifications and continue their teaching careers without interruption. For more information on how military spouses navigate teaching requirements when moving across states, we recommend checking out our guide to teacher certifications for military spouses[AB1] .

For military spouses with kids, teaching is a beneficial career as the work schedules generally align with children’s school schedules, including summers off!

3. Travel Imaging

Travel imaging jobs are great for military spouses who are looking for a stable career with a promising job outlook that doesn’t require years of education to get started.

Travel imaging jobs, which include radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and CT technologist jobs, involve operating medical equipment to take diagnostic images, such as MRIs or X-rays.

Most imaging jobs require applicants to have at least an associate degree, and while most states require radiologic technologists to be licensed or certified, few states require licensure for MRI technologists. This relatively low barrier to entry is ideal for military spouses who are frequently on the move or who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a longer degree program.

A career in travel imaging typically offers competitive salaries and benefits like stipends, which can be a significant advantage for military families who may need additional financial support.

4. School Nurse

Like teaching jobs, school nurse jobs are great for military spouses as they offer a similar level of flexibility by providing a consistent schedule that is in sync with their children’s schedules. In addition, with school nurses in demand, there are even travel opportunities for school nurse assignments – perfect for military spouses who find themselves needing to relocate more frequently.

Another benefit to becoming a school nurse is that some schools hire licensed practical nurses (LPNs), which requires a shorter degree program than registered nurses (RNs). The program required for LPNs and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) typically takes about one year, meaning it’s an excellent job for military spouses who are looking to get started in their career quickly and without devoting too much time and money towards an education.

5. Teletherapy Roles

Teletherapy roles are excellent for military spouses who are passionate about helping children access the services they need and who are looking to make an income from the comfort of their homes.

While teletherapy roles often require a higher level of education, there is great demand for the specialized services teletherapists provide, meaning jobs are in abundance.

A career in teletherapy offers great jobs for military spouses who are skilled speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and school psychologists. Because these roles are remote and teletherapists can choose their own working hours, a military spouse’s career isn’t impacted nearly as much by the unpredictable nature of military life. Military spouses who are teletherapists can advance their careers and keep doing what they love without missing a beat.

Finding a Job as a Military Spouse

With the right guidance and support, military spouses can indeed find fulfilling jobs that suit their dynamic lifestyles.

At Soliant, we recognize the unique obstacles associated with finding a job as a military spouse. This is one reason why we are dedicated to offering military spouses the guidance and support needed to experience fulfilling careers.

Our Military Spouse Initiative helps military spouses find employment regardless of location, offering the level of flexibility and stability needed. Whether you’re looking for remote work, positions on military bases, or in-person roles, Soliant’s dedicated support gives you the opportunity to advance your career despite the ever-changing challenges of military life.

Explore our Military Spouse Initiative here  and find out how we can support your professional growth, regardless of where your journey leads you.