Block Schedule Night Shift CT Tech Job in Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton, OK 23 days ago

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Category Imaging - CT
Job Type Contract

Block Schedule Night Shift CT Tech Job in Lawton, Oklahoma

Brand new travel opening in Oklahoma for a CT tech! 

Great pay and great facility. 

Sunday - Wednesday 8:30pm to 7am schedule.

Attach your resume to this application and contact the hospital recruiter below.


Up to one year experience in CT is desirable. 



Certified in CT




  1. Participates and implements age specific care and interaction.

    1. Employee has attended departmental orientation (training) and annual inservice education for age specific training and implements in work area what was learned in age specific training.

  2. Prepares and positions patients for scan according to the Radiology Department procedures. 

    1. Explains the procedures as well as the risks to the patient and their family.   

    2. Obtains a signed consent by the patient, or legal guardian if the patient is under age, or obtains a verbal consent if the patient is unable to sign.    

    3. Positions and explains procedure with confidence and reassures patient to alleviate fears or concerns they may have. 

  3. Sets up equipment as necessary for the specific examination and performs exams. 

    1. Has a good command of protocols, sequences and technical factors required to properly demonstrate body parts or area to be scanned in accordance to standards expected by supervising Radiologist and CT supervisor on the CT machines.   

    2. Knowledgeable regarding how different pulse sequences and technical factors affect the different pathologies on the CT scanner.  

    3. Knowledgeable regarding the proper coil type to use for each specific CT scan and is able to correctly connect and disconnect the coils properly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.   

    4. Utilizes optimal sequences, positions, scan planes and technical factors to demonstrate specific anatomical structures and pathologies utilizing the CT scanner.   

  4. Utilizes power injector. 

    1. Loads correct syringe and fills with proper type and dose of IV contrast.   

    2. Selects proper program to inject correct dose to patient at the correct time.   

  5. Administration of contrast materials. 

    1. Discusses patient’s diagnosis and past medical history with Radiologist or referring physician to ascertain whether or not contrast material will be administered.    

    2. If contrast material is to be used, give the correct type and amount of oral contrast agent used specifically for that examination.   

    3. Analyze patient’s condition while administering the media.    

  6. Begins and maintains IVs. 

    1. Knowledgeable and capable of starting IVs in accordance with the hospital and departmental policy and procedures on all patients requiring IV access for administration of IV contrast agent.   

    2. Will maintain in good order all existing IV lines while patient is in the scan areas.    

  7. Patient confidentiality. 

    1. Keep pertinent patient information confidential when at all possible.  

    2. Does not speak about patient information unless necessary to complete the specific task.     

  8. Anticipates patient needs and establishes rapport with patient and family. 

    1. Assesses whether patient may need any additional comfort items such as a blanket, pillow, cart or emesis basin.  

    2. Technologist monitors patient’s condition before, during and after scan. 

    3. Ensures that any existing monitor equipment continues to function properly while the patient is in the scan area. 

    4. If monitoring equipment must be removed during the scan, technologist is responsible for notifying the proper departments.     

    5. Responsible for reconnecting monitors as soon as possible after completion of scan. 

    6. Stays alert to monitor patient’s medical condition and quickly obtain any medical assistance necessary via department RN or Radiologist.  

    7. In the event of serious or life threatening condition, is able to properly activate a hospital “Code Blue” and administer CPR until life support code team arrives. 

  9. Proficiency in operating equipment.     

    1. Responsible for demonstrating proficiency in operation of all CT scanners according to the manufacturer’s specifications and departmental proficiency standards, together with the expected diagnostic standards set by the Radiologists and the CT  Supervisor. 

    2. Technologist is responsible for passing all periodic equipment proficiency checks by the CT Supervisor to ensure continuing proficiency. 

  10. Develop films. 

    1.  Visually checks processed films for basic diagnostic quality and proper sequences before turning in films to be sent to interpreting physician.  

    2. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of film processor and laser imager.   

    3. Responsible for manual utilization of film processing in the event the automatic processor or laser camera is not functioning.  

  11. Schedules exams. 

    1. Correlates preps and exam times on outpatients with doctor’s offices, Radiology front desk and One-Call Scheduling Department.   

    2. Correlates with nursing station, other departments within Radiology and other departments in the hospital for inpatient preps and scheduled times.    

  12. Performs record keeping duties in all accurate and timely fashion. 

    1. Ensures all procedure charges, as well as inventory items, are entered into the Radiology Information System for accurate charging. 

    2. Obtains clinical information that is helpful in diagnosis and enters necessary patient information in RIS. 

    3. Completes statistical reporting elements as required.  

    4. Revises all exam requisitions anytime it does not exactly match the exam that was performed to ensure correct reporting and exam changes.  

    5. Assures 100% accuracy of information. 

  13. Performs clerical duties. 

    1. In the absence of file clerk, technologist can “work up” images, i.e. retrieve archived exams and send to work list for Radiologist interpretation.  

    2. In the absence of front desk clerk, technologist is responsible for working up any outpatient or inpatient examination requisition in order to provide prompt patient care.  

  14. Transports patients to and from Radiology Department. 

    1. Pushes wheelchair or cart to patient’s floor, ER or SCU.  Lifts or helps patient to transportation vehicle and transports to and from Radiology Department.  

  15. Performs quality assurance. 

    1. Obtains, records and complies specific information for on-going quality assurance programs. 

    2. Records patient information, account numbers, type of scan, patient history, patient’s physician and interpreting physician on scan log books for each examination performed.    

  16. Patient charges. 

    1. Technologist ensures all patient charges are entered correctly into the charging system in a timely manner – pertinent to their modality, CT.   

  17. PACS. 

    1. Logs on to system and can retrieve information in PACS.

    2. Adds patient information in system to assist with diagnosis of specific examinations.

    3. Sends images from modality to PACS and other appropriate destinations. 

  18. Utilization of the Teleradiology System. 

    1. Has good command of policies and procedures involved in utilizing all aspects of the Teleradiology System to include: the film digitizer, the PDS and the image transfer system.    

  19. Possesses adequate knowledge to properly troubleshoot the CT equipment and explain non-functioning occurrences. 

    1. Is responsible to recognize when a system is malfunctioning, correct the malfunction if possible and, if not, explain the malfunction to the proper maintenance personnel.     

    2. Is familiar with major circuit breaker locations and on/off operations of equipment.  

    3. Responsible for monitoring chemistry levels in the developer and fixer tanks. 

  20. Maintains scan rooms. 

    1. Responsible for housekeeping of rooms and scanners.    

    2. Responsible for submitting stock orders and maintaining supplies in each scan room. 

  21. Supervises student technologists. 

    1. Assists and instructs student technologist in proper performance of exams.  

    2. Technologist assists student in becoming familiar with orderly flow of daily scan routines, policies, and procedures.  

    3. Shows student where supplies are stored and how to stock rooms. 

  22. Meets continuing education requirements. 

    1. Technologist will maintain current ARRT license by obtaining specified number of continuing education credits as required by ARRT; and will retain up-to-date certification in CT as required by ARRT.  

    2. Will maintain good and current working knowledge of departmental and hospital policies and procedures by attending in-services, watching videos and reading literature and memos on instructional classes. 

    3. Technologist will maintain current CPR certifications. 

  23. Communication. 

    1. Communicates in a positive and helpful manner with hospital staff, physicians and patients.    

      Direct Contact:
      [email protected]

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Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

  • Competitive Salary
  • Weekly Paycheck
  • Matching 401(k) Plan
  • Extensive Medical Coverage
  • Licensing Assistance
  • Custom Housing
  • Travel Assistance
  • Professional Development Reimbursement