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Military Spouse Teacher Certifications Guide

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Guide to Military Spouse Teacher Certifications

While teaching is an excellent career choice for military spouses, it can be difficult to obtain the teacher certifications needed to become a teacher for several reasons.

Military families often move frequently due to the nature of military service, making it difficult for spouses to complete the necessary requirements – such as coursework, student teaching hours, and certification exams – required in each state to become a certified teacher.

In this guide, Soliant experts break down everything you need to know about military spouse teacher certification rules, providing resources for understanding military spouse teaching license regulations.

About Military Spouse Teacher Certifications

Teaching has previously been considered a difficult job for military spouses because each state has its own set of requirements for teacher certification. So, when a military spouse teacher moved to a new state, it was traditionally required for them to meet the new or additional requirements of that state or start the certification process over again.

However, recent legislation and programs have made things easier for military spouses to maintain or transfer their teaching certifications or licenses when moving.

Below are a few ways military spouses can maintain their teaching licenses when moving to a new state:

Military Spouse Teaching License Reciprocity

Some states offer license reciprocity for military spouse teachers. License reciprocity is an agreement between states, allowing individuals who hold a professional license or certification in one area to have their license or certification recognized in another area without having to go through the entire licensing or certification process again.

Reciprocity agreements can make it easier for military spouses to move between locations and continue their careers without interruption. However, the extent of reciprocity can vary, and some jurisdictions may require other requirements before a license can be fully recognized.

To learn if your teaching certification will carry over to another state, we recommend visiting the U.S. Department of Labor military spouse page

Military Spouse Teacher Licensing Board Support

The U.S. Department of Labor encourages military spouse teachers to contact the state licensing board and speak to a representative, as they can best direct you to any accommodations that may be available for military spouse teachers.

By directly contacting your new state’s licensing board, you can best receive access to additional support services for military spouses, which may include a temporary license, a license recognition, a faster application review process, and potentially waived fees.

Visit the U.S. Department of Education to find the contact information for your state.

Programs Available for Military Spouse Teaching Certifications

At Soliant, we understand the unique challenges faced by military spouse educators, and we’re committed to providing support every step of the way.

We’re proud to introduce our Military Spouse Initiative, aimed at providing meaningful employment opportunities tailored to the dynamic lifestyle of military families. Educators play a vital role in military communities, supporting the educational needs of military children. Whether you’re seeking teaching positions on or near military bases, Soliant offers fulfilling opportunities that align with your expertise and passion for education.

Learn more about our Military Spouse Initiative here and discover how we can help you thrive professionally, no matter where your journey takes you.

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