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Guide to Teaching Jobs for Military Spouses

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Guide to Teaching Jobs for Military Spouses

The unique and ever-changing lifestyle of military families can make it difficult for military spouses to maintain a fulfilling, thriving career as educators. However, there are unique teaching opportunities out there that not only offer flexibility and adaptability but also cater to the distinct needs of military families.

In this Soliant guide, learn why teaching can be an ideal career for military spouses and the types of teaching jobs available, all of which present incredible opportunities for military spouses to thrive professionally.

Benefits of Teaching Jobs for Military Spouses

Because military families are often moving from location to location, a career as a teacher has historically been considered a difficult job for military spouses. However, new military spouse teacher programs and state reciprocity agreements for military spouse teaching certifications have helped make the career route more attainable.

Today, becoming a teacher is considered to be a great job for military spouses for a variety of reasons. Some benefits include:

  • Consistent employment opportunities and demand for teachers.
  • Consistent schedules, flexible hours, and summers off.
  • For parents, the work schedule is in sync with children’s schedules.
  • Part-time or substitute teaching positions can offer additional flexibility.
  • Competitive benefits, such as health insurance.
  • Job satisfaction in a fulfilling and rewarding career.
  • Access to district resources and support for military families, such as support groups, childcare assistance, and professional development opportunities.
  • Involvement in a community, which is especially beneficial for military spouses who find it difficult to build relationships, make friends, or network due to frequent relocations.

Types of Military Spouse Teaching Jobs

Military spouses can certainly find excellent permanent teaching positions and experience a fulfilling career as traditional school teachers. However, there are some additional options for military spouses who want to work as teachers but can’t commit to a full-time, permanent, in-person teaching job.

Learn about three unique job opportunities for military spouse teachers below!

1. Teaching on Military Bases

Pursuing a career as a teacher on a military base is an excellent option for military spouses. Teaching on military bases allows military spouses to live and work in the same area as their enlisted partners, which can be particularly important given the unique challenges and frequent relocations that military families often face.

The Department of Defense Education Academy (DoDEA) is responsible for the operation of schools on military bases all over the world, and the organization currently operates 160 schools in 8 districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, and 2 territories across 10 time zones.

Teaching on one of these military bases means you’ll be educating children of enlisted service members or others working for the Department of Defense. According to the DoDEA, there are nearly 900,000 military-connected children of all ages worldwide, of which more than 66,000 are enrolled in DoDEA schools and served by more than 8,000 educators.

Educators play a vital role in military communities, supporting the educational needs of military children who often face unique challenges, such as frequent relocations and the stress of having a parent deployed. Teachers who understand these challenges are in a unique position to provide the support and understanding that these students need to succeed academically and emotionally. In addition, teaching positions on military bases provide military spouses with an incredibly strong sense of community and great benefits.

2. Military Spouse Remote Teaching Jobs

Remote teaching jobs, from general education teachers to special education teachers, make great career options for military spouses who are passionate about helping children receive the crucial services they need.

Because these roles are remote and – depending on the specific role – allow educators to choose their own working hours, a military spouse’s career is far less likely to be affected by the ever-changing military family lifestyle.

One of the most significant advantages of remote teaching jobs for military spouses is the ability to work from anywhere. This flexibility ensures that military spouses can maintain their careers despite frequent relocations due to their partner’s military assignments.

3. Military Spouse Travel Teaching Jobs

Like remote teaching jobs, travel teaching jobs allow military spouses to work in various locations that align with their partner’s relocation. However, military spouse travel teaching jobs may be more beneficial for individuals who still want to work in an in-person environment and help educate children face-to-face in classrooms.

Because teachers are in high demand across educational settings nationwide, military spouses benefit from a wide range of location options to choose from and competitive pay. Travel teaching jobs also provide military spouses with the opportunity to work in different educational settings, which helps them grow their skills and gain more experience.

A school staffing agency removes the stress associated with job hunting while relocating, facilitating a smooth transition between locations and jobs for military spouses.

Finding a Job as a Military Spouse

At Soliant, we are dedicated to offering military spouses the guidance and support they need to experience fulfilling careers. Whether you’re seeking teaching positions on or near military bases, Soliant offers opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

Our Military Spouse Initiative helps military spouses find employment regardless of location. Explore our Military Spouse Initiative here and find out how we can support your career in education.