School Counselor Jobs

In a school counselor job, helping students reach their potential is the number one responsibility. If you have a passion for education and children and want to begin an exciting career as a school counselor, browse our available school counselor jobs today, including remote school counselor jobs.

Throughout the country, children of all ages, from kindergarten to senior year of high school, count on school counselors for guidance, support and a friendly voice. At the same time, schools rely on their counselors to provide expert care with an emphasis on confidentiality, sensitivity and enhancing the overall educational experience for students.

School Counselor Job Duties

School counselor job duties may vary depending on what grade level the hiring facility teaches, but many of the requirements and responsibilities are the same. A school counselor can assist students in helping them find their direction in life, recommending certain career or education paths after high school or giving students a good glimpse at the job market. School counseling jobs are important to help students progress with their talents and abilities.

Aside from career help, a school counselor plays a critical role in providing support and guidance, becoming a listening ear for a student’s personal, familial or academic problems. If you’re interested in a school counselor job, it’s important to be caring, considerate, patient and flexible.

School Counseling Job Education Requirements

First and foremost, a school counselor must have earned a four-year undergraduate degree in psychology, sociology or even education before applying to a school counseling job. Those who have earned another type of bachelor’s degree can still qualify as long as they progress to graduate school in a relevant field.

A school counselor job applicant must have a master’s degree in counseling, which typically takes two to three years to earn. Then, a counselor will need at least two years of practical experience, as well as the proper licensing and certification required by the state and school boards. A school counselor must have hands-on experience working in a compassionate environment and must possess the patience and skill necessary to help children in the best way possible.

School Counselor Job Market

Depending on the facility and grade level of the children, annual school counselor job salaries can vary greatly. Credentials and years of experience can also affect this earning potential. The rising enrollment in elementary, middle and high schools are creating a growing demand for school counselors, making it a great time to seek opportunity in the school counseling job field.

Remote School Counselor Jobs

You don’t have to be in a classroom to make a difference in the life of a student. There is an increasing demand for remote school counselor jobs nationwide through teletherapy services. See how Soliant’s remote school counselor jobs can help you do just that here.