School Psychologist Jobs

School psychologist jobs have many meaningful rewards with plenty of opportunities every day to impact lives for the better. Best of all, the demand to fill school psychologist jobs is high—in individual schools as well as school districts. We have thousands of school psychologist jobs in educational systems all across the country waiting for you today, including remote school psychologist jobs.

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School Psychologist Job Duties

Professionals in school psychologist jobs make up the most specialized groups of personnel in the school system and have a very important and unique duty that contributes directly to the smooth functioning of the school as a whole. With a school psychology job, individuals must use their expertise with behavior, mental health and learning patterns to help children succeed and teachers educate. In a school psychologist job, you will work between the administrators, teachers, students and parents to create successful and supportive learning environments where all can thrive.

When performed well with the use of various resources and tools, various resources and tools, the duty of a school psychologist can place a positive impact not only on the school but on the community as a whole. School psychologists are responsible for supporting a diverse community and ensuring the mental, emotional, social and academic health of students and faculty members alike.

School Psychologist Job Requirements

To qualify for school psychology jobs, including travel and remote school psychologist jobs, school psychologists must have a four-year undergraduate degree in psychology, sociology or a related field, as well as a graduate master’s degree in psychology or education.

Those who want to apply for psychologist jobs in schools can receive specialized graduate preparation training that provides coursework that is relevant to the specific area of psychology in education. After achieving the necessary degrees, a school psychologist must have a specialist-level degree or a doctoral degree. They must also complete a 1,200-hour-long supervised internship at an available facility or school. Plus, they must pass the required state credential tests as well as become certified by the National School Psychology Board.

School psychologists will learn to possess comprehensive services that can help in a variety of locations, including preschools, universities, juvenile justice facilities, private schools and residential clinics. This can make travel school psychology jobs an ideal route for those who want experience in a wide range of facilities.

For a full list of the skills and competencies required for a school psychologist job, check out our school psychologist skills list.

School Psychologist Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, school psychologist job salaries are on an upward trend in the field. Depending on the state and education facility the school psychologist is employed in, there is a potential to make a significant salary. Due to the increase in school admissions over the past few years, there is a rising demand for school psychologists, making it an ideal time to apply for a psychologist job in schools.

Remote School Psychologist Jobs

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