Travel Therapy Jobs

In a travel therapy job with Soliant you can do the work you love while you explore different locations throughout the country. No matter what job location you select, you’ll experience personal and professional growth like never before. Working as a Soliant travel therapist is an adventure that will enrich your life forever.

Travel Therapy Duties

As you can probably imagine, travel therapy jobs are a bit different than those that require you to work in just one physical location. A travel assignment will typically last for 13 weeks at a time. Some schools will ask that you sign a contract for nine months. This is only a guideline, however, as it will depend on the unique needs of the client. You might find yourself at the end of a contract wanting to stay for another round, and if the facility needs you, then you can likely stay. If you enjoy traveling, however, then you will just start looking for a new facility to apply your skills at. You will almost certainly find something in no time at all.

Travel Therapy Education Requirements

The education requirements are the same as in traditional therapy. In addition, you will need to be licensed in the state that you will be providing treatment. Soliant will help you with your state licensure prior to you taking your first assignment.

Travel Therapy Job Outlook

If you enjoy traveling and helping others, why not combine the two into your working profession? Traveling therapists continue to be in high demand today. Soliant works with a network of healthcare providers across America to fill therapy based needs on a recurring basis. Once you get established in this field, you will likely find that you have numerous opportunities being presented to you on a regular basis. Because Soliant Health is national in scope, we can offer travel therapist job placement anywhere in the country-for short-, medium- or long-term contracts. We have travel therapy jobs for occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech-language pathologists. Search our jobs now!