Safe Listening Practices for Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Environment

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General Education
Continuing education and professional development credits are no longer available for this course.

Soliant and our authorized teletherapy partner, VocoVision, invite you to join our latest webinar, “Safe Listening Practices for Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Environment.”

Prior to 2020, headphones were typically used for recreational activities such as listening to music or watching a video. The time spent using headphones was limited to personal usage. Today, virtual learning and remote work have become part of a school’s daily routine.

Telepractitioners, school staff and students are spending 8 hours or more using headphones for work and school-related activities. With the increase in headphone usage, the rate of noise-induced hearing loss has the potential to drastically increase.

In honor of World Hearing Day on March 3rd, join this free seminar to learn how to protect your hearing while conducting work and learning activities in the virtual setting.

Webinar Objectives:

1. Understand how hearing can be damaged by noise in remote learning/teaching environments.
2. Describe how noise-induced hearing loss presents in virtual teaching and learning environments and its impact on students and professionals.
3. Identify proper ear protection and headphone options for daily use.
4. Complete safe listening checks for adults and school-age students.


Jamie Bozarth, Clinical Manager

Jamie Bozarth has a master’s degree in Deaf Education and Endorsement in Educational Administration. Jamie has experience teaching children with various disabilities through multiple service delivery models. Jamie is currently a Clinical Manager and DHH telepractitioner for VocoVision.

Disclosures Financial: Ms. Bozarth receives financial compensation as an employee of VocoVision. Non-Financial Disclosure: Ms. Bozarth has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

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