Medical Technologist Jobs

We currently have medical technologist jobs in hospital laboratories, medical and diagnostic facilities and ambulatory centers nationwide.

For every medical test that comes back with an accurate result, a medical technologist somewhere should receive a big thank you. At Soliant, we understand how important your work is. That’s why we provide complete staffing services for medtech jobs all over the country. To attract the most dedicated, we offer some of the most rewarding medical tech jobs in the country along with benefit packages and job flexibility programs that will make you feel appreciated for the hard work you do.

The news gets even better: the employment outlook for medical technologists’ careers is excellent, with experts predicting significant growth over the next several years. This trend puts you in a great position to find the perfect medical technologist travel or permanent job in the setting and location you desire. Finding you your dream job is what we do at Soliant.

Medtech Job Duties

Medical technologist jobs in a hospital or healthcare setting require you to efficiently analyze samples and perform tests to determine if those samples have any abnormalities in shape, color, size or hormone balance. On a day-to-day basis, the medical technologist will be asked to prepare cultures, gather tissue samples, examine bodily fluids under a microscope, establish a routine of monitoring programs for you and your team to employ, analyze lab reports, test reports for accuracy, cross-match blood for successful transfusions, properly calibrate lab equipment, collect blood samples, determine morphology and analyze blood and urine for toxic components or other unwarranted chemicals. To take on a medical technologist job, you’ll need a strong stomach, physical stamina, dexterity and an eye for detail. Medtech jobs require someone who works well with others and can communicate effectively with physicians and surgeons.

Medical Tech Job Education Requirements

In order to achieve minimum entry-level requirements for a medical tech job or work as a travel medical technologist, the prospective student must earn a bachelor’s degree in life sciences or other related medical technologist fields. If you wish to eventually advance your career to a manager or director position, a master’s degree is required as well. Plus, this can give you an edge over your competitors in the growing job market. After achieving a degree, the prospective medical technologist must participate in an internship while taking courses that will help familiarize them with the practices and technologies available to them on a daily basis. Finally, the medical technologist must obtain certification by the American Medical Technologists agency as well as any state-level required certifications.

Medical Technologist Job Market

The number of medical technologist jobs is predicted to grow at least 16% between now and the year 2024, making it an ideal time to pursue a medical technologist career. Over 50% of medical technologists are employed by hospitals, with the remaining individuals employed by physicians’ offices, colleges or individual laboratories.

With a medical technologist travel job, you’ll have the opportunity to take on roles in a variety of different settings. The national growth of health technologists’ jobs has made medical technologist travel jobs very attractive for those looking to see new places and help healthcare centers across the country. Explore our large selection of travel medtech and permanent medtech jobs today, and find the perfect place for you.