Nursing Jobs

Whatever your nursing specialty or unique preferences, we have the resources to support you in finding the nursing jobs that work for you, including helping you make your resume stand out and preparing you for interviews. We also have the connections to place you in the perfect position that meets your career goals.

At Soliant, we applaud your dedication to nursing. To reciprocate, we offer jobs for nurses that ensure your nursing career the same level of professional dedication and care you offer patients. It’s this recognition that sets Soliant apart from other nursing job companies. When you take a nursing job with Soliant, you can rest assured that we are always looking for new ways to advance your career.

Nursing Job Duties

As a nurse with Soliant, you are responsible for primary and everyday care of your patients. Whether you are a nurse in a hospital, specialty practice, family office, school, or even in a sports facility, your expected nursing job duties will be the same.

Both permanent and contract registered nurse job duties include assisting in the performance of physical exams, as well as questioning the patient about their medical history in order to conduct an accurate assessment of their needs. You will encourage good health practices as well as help administer medications, shots, wound treatments, and other forms of physical care. Your duty is to help make critical decisions about what a patient needs the most and coordinate their care with other nurses and doctors in the building.

Education Requirements for Nursing Jobs

To land a nursing job, you will typically need a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. There are many ways to achieve enough credentials for nursing, with several training facilities available to help your dream become a reality. As a licensed practical nurse, the applicant must have completed postsecondary training and passed the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. Registered nurses must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing and have passed the NCLEX-PN. Meeting the requirements for nursing extends beyond the required education materials, however. A good nurse will be able to make critical decisions, work well in group environments, and have great attention to detail.

Nursing Job Market

Currently, nursing jobs are on an upward trend. The growing patient population, mostly due to the Baby Boomers generation growing older, creates an increased need for nurses and resident nurses. An increase in Medicare patients predicts that there will be a demand for over 580,000 nurses by 2025. While all other occupations forecast a 7% growth between now and 2024, the nursing job field expects to increase by 16%, giving it the edge in job prospects. No matter what type of nurse you wish to be now is a great time to enter the nursing field.

Just as you’re driven to assist others, let Soliant assist you in finding the nursing job of your dreams—from permanent jobs, nursing contract jobs and travel jobs across the country. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you can still find a nursing job, and we’re here to help! Find your ideal nursing job today by exploring our nursing posts below.