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5 Things You Must Do Before Your First Travel Nursing Job

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You did it! You made it through the application process and have been hired for your first travel nursing job in an amazing city. All that’s left is to head out and jump right into work, right? Well, it might not be quite so simple. There are some very important things that you should take care of before you start up your first travel nursing job.

Secure Your Housing

While your recruiter or assigned facility may be helping you with this step, it’s important to make sure that your housing during the assignment is arranged before you head off. Though you can start out in a hotel room, you’ll quickly find out that there isn’t as much downtime as you’d hoped to be apartment hunting and nightly charges in a hotel will eat up your salary very quickly. Confirming that you have a place to stay within a reasonable budget will make everything a bit smoother once you’re on the ground.

Make Personal Arrangements for Home and Pets

Sort out who is collecting your mail or whether it will be forwarded. Find someone to keep an eye on your home and take care of any maintenance issues that are necessary while you’re away. Board any pets or find someone who is willing to take care of that responsibility for you, if you are not able to take them along. Ensure that you can manage your bills online from your travel nursing location and make arrangements to pay those that you cannot.

Create Your Packing List

Spend some time researching the area that you will be in, what kind of activities and weather you might experience in your downtime and develop a custom packing list that will ensure you have everything you need once you arrive. You don’t want to waste valuable time having to shop for things that you already have at home, so researching before you begin to pack will help save both time and money once you arrive.

Update Your Accounts

Contact your bank and credit card companies to inform them that you will be traveling. Sometimes they will freeze accounts that are suddenly being used in an unusual area, which can cause many headaches and inconveniences. Also, reach out to your cell phone company and ensure that you plan is sufficient for your needs as you travel. Roaming charges, extra data use, and international fees can add up quickly.

Figure Out Transportation

If you are driving to your assignment, make sure that your car is in good shape and ready for the trek. If you’re traveling by other means, look into how you can get around once you’re there. Find out about public transportation, where to rent a car, or what is in walking distance to help you make the right decision about how to get around when you’re in a new city.

Travel nursing is so exciting and it can be tempting to just jump in with both feet. It is important, however, to take the time to plan before you go and make sure that everything is in place for a smooth transition.

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