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8 more must-have iPhone/iPad healthcare apps

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Since we posted our first successful roundup of apps for nurses and other medical pros in 2009 (and 2011) there have been hundreds more of such utilities made available for portable devices.

To help wade through them all and hone in on the most useful ones, here’s our latest list of the handiest medical apps around for your Apple device:

ECG pocket reference

Cost: Free

A handy library of ECG tracings, searchable by category or by thumbnail. Clinical notes explain the relevant features of each ECG. An interactive quiz to test your interpretive skills is also included.


Cost: Free

Evernote is an excellent android organization app that allows you to access and read your PDFs, make notes, and capture images while on the move.

Standard dictations

Cost: Free

This app provides standard medical dictations for med students and residents, which can help you write charts, remember procedures, and counsel patients.

Eye emergency

Cost: Free

Designed specifically for emergency departments in New South Wales by an expert clinician working group, this is an excellent resource for common eye emergencies anywhere in the world. It’s a quick guide to recognizing symptoms and managing treatment in triage situations. Each of the presenting conditions has individual sections for immediate action, history, examination, treatment and follow-up.

Psych on demand

Cost: $1.99

With more than 23 mental health assessment and screening tools, this app allows you to search keywords for scales on-demand and store them for quick access. A swipe of the screen clears previous entries, and you can email or print patient results to an Airprint compatible device.

Ob (Pregnancy) wheel

Cost: free

With numerous adjustable settings, this free Ob wheel is a multi-function pregnancy calculator that allows you to calculate dates of pregnancy (date of conception, weeks gestational age, estimated due-date and more) for multiple patients, save notes with each patient’s data, and export info to an SD card.

Suture removal

Cost: $0.99

This app determines the best date-range for removing stitches, based on where the sutures are located on a patient’s body – critical in preventing abscesses, cross-hatching, or scarring.


Cost: Free

This app is a 3D airway simulator for iPhone and iPad that demonstrates difficult airway scenarios. It can be used for patient education or for practicing your scoping skills with its fully-animated anatomy, audio (there’s a cough response that includes lens fog), and realistically twisting laryngoscope.

Contributor Tera Rowland

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