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Travel Nursing With Pets

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Life as a travel nurse comes with a built-in set of logistical challenges. Even when you’re relatively unencumbered in your personal affairs, it can be stressful enough having to spend time every couple of months finding a new assignment, securing a place to stay, and dealing with your mom calling you every three hours to harass you as you try to explain to her yet again that no, you’re not moving home this time just because she needs help unloading her groceries from the car. When you add a beloved pet into the equation, things can get even more complicated.

We know you care more about your furbabies than life itself, and that, when it comes to selecting new assignments, making sure they are comfortable and well taken care of is as much of a consideration as your own access to indoor plumbing (hey, your pets seems to do okay without it). That being the case, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your furry friends to remain a part of your travel nursing lifestyle.

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