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Top 10 States With The Highest Demand | School Speech-Language Pathologist

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School speech-language pathologists (SLP) are the unsung heroes of our educational systems.

As an SLP you empower students to find their voice through tailored instruction.

In this role you must be adaptable across all levels of education when providing treatment to a wide range of disorders. Ultimately, being a speech pathologist is fundamental in the social development of students with speech-based disabilities.

When choosing your next school speech-language pathology job, consider the following states with the highest demand for SLP:

10. Massachusetts

700+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Massachusetts

When trying to land your dream job as an SLP, what place is better than where the Mayflower landed! Massachusetts is not only rich in history, but its also home to elite universities, sports teams, and seafood. Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston College are just a few the schools and universities that call Massachusetts home.

When your not helping change the lives of students as a speech-language pathologist in Massachusetts, there is so much to do. Massachusetts offers an array of prestigious sports teams, vibrant landscapes, and a booming economy.

If you are a looking to start your career, here are a few options the following Speech-Language Pathology Programs in Massachusetts:

  • Boston University
  • Emerson College
  • Calvin University

9. South Carolina

900+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in South Carolina

Welcome to Lowcountry! This local term describes the expansive culture, geography, architecture, and cuisine of South Carolina. This gem is in the heart of the South and harbors the warm hospitality we all know and love. Many of our speech pathologists in Columbia, South Carolina list these places as their favorite for recreation:

  • Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens
  • EdVenture Children’s Museum
  • Harbison State Forest

8. Michigan

1,000+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Michigan

Most of our SLPs in Michigan are shocked when they learn the state is lined with 3,288 miles of coastline. This landlocked state doesn’t border any oceans, but it is home to over 11,000 lakes including the Great Lakes. Grab your bags and kayak, your new SLP job in Michigan is ready for you!

7. Virginia

1,200+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Virginia

Virginia is for lovers and SLPs too! Known for its love of mountains, beaches, history, and mermaids… You can’t go wrong finding a job in this diverse state. As part of its rich history, you’ll learn that five United States presidents, including George Washington, were born and raised in Virginia. You will also find that Virginia houses 27 active military bases and at least 80 mermaid statues in Norfolk.

6. Pennsylvania

1,250+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Pennsylvania

Whenever anyone talks about Pennsylvania they immediately think of either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Pittsburgh is an industrial capital with artistic flares including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Less than five hours East you’ll find the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia. Yes, American history is important, but the Cheesesteaks keep you coming back.

5. Washington

1,300+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Washington

Major corporations like Amazon, Boeing, Costco, and Microsoft contribute to Washington’s robust economy. Beside its great financial health, the state of Washington is known for its tapestry of mountain and oceans. When enjoying nature, our Speech-Language Pathologists love visiting these major National Parks:

  • Mount Rainier National Park
  • Olympic National Park
  • North Cascades National Park

4. Georgia

1,400+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium is constantly growing their number of exhibits, creating a worthwhile experience for all ages. Living in Georgia grants you access to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, cultural Savannah, and the buzzing city of Atlanta. Speech-Language Pathologists in Georgia shared with us that the school system is fantastic and full happy and friendly parents and students.

3. Illinois

1,700+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Illinois

Chicago is known as the hub of ethnic diversity in the Midwest, which attributes to the bustling city life. Home to legendary sports teams like The Black Hawks, The White Sox, The Cubs, The Bears, and The Bulls there is always something going on in Chicago. If the metropolitan area is right for you, the Illinois landscape is decorated with beautiful corn fields. Summers are mild and winters cold, creating diverse seasons.

2. Texas

2,300+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in Texas

BBQ… lots of BBQ! The food scene in Texas is consistently good throughout the state. If BBQ isn’t your jam, locals also enjoy an array of cuisines ranging from Mexico to India. The economy is also growing at an accelerated rate, bringing in new corporations, jobs, and improvements to infrastructure. In Texas, you’ll find a lower cost of living, strong school systems, and many outdoor activities.

1. California

5,900+ Available Speech-Language Pathologists Jobs in California

California is an icon of the United States and sells itself. Due to its expansive size, California brings not only sunny beaches, but mountains, valleys, and majestic forests. As a school speech pathologist, you’ll have plenty of options when deciding on your next location. Here is a list of the cities in California with the most SLP jobs:

At Soliant we recognize the unique skills and determination you offer as an SLP. We do our part in making your life better by matching you with premium schools and jobs that allow you and your students to thrive.