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Top Travel Nursing Myths Debunked

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You might be considering taking the plunge and becoming a travel nurse. Then again, you might have heard a few things that make you wonder if working as a traveler is the right choice. Although it can be a little intimidating moving into something new, it’s easier if you bust the myths and get the facts. Below are some common myths about travel nursing that may be holding you back.

Myth: You won’t have any say over where you go.

Reality: There are travel assignments throughout the country.  While you might not get the location you want immediately, you don’t have to take any job you don’t want. Before you agree to an assignment, you’ll know the hospital, location, salary, benefits, and housing offered. If it’s not what you want, you can always pass on the job and wait for something else.

Myth: Only extroverts excel at travel nursing.

Reality: All personality types work as travel nurses. You don’t have to be outgoing or an extrovert to enjoy working as a traveler. Just be yourself!

Myth: Travel nurses get overworked.

Reality: Travel nurses are often welcomed by the staff they work with. After all, the extra help is needed or you would not be there. Your co-workers probably will appreciate that fact you’re there. Keep in mind, travel nurses go into different situations. You might be in a situation where the hospital is short staffed or experiencing a sharp increase in the patient census. There may be days you have a large patient workload, but so will everyone else.

Myth: I can’t take my pet.

Reality: Although apartments have different pet restrictions, don’t worry about not being able to bring your pet. Just tell your recruiter about your furry friend and they will make sure your housing is pet-friendly.

Myth: Travel nursing is only for young, single nurses.

Reality: Travel nurses are from all walks of life. Some may only have a few years of experience while others are experienced nurses. Nurses of all ages with all types of families enjoy working as travelers. Plenty of travel nurses are married or have a significant other. Some even take their partner with them. We have several travel nurses on our team who’ve worked out a great visiting system with family members and spouses.

Myth: The only opportunities are in big cities.

Reality: If you’re not a big city person, you’re in luck. Travel nursing assignments can be found in all types of cities and towns. While assignments may be easier to find in large cities, such as Chicago or Boston, there are plenty of opportunities is smaller cities, towns, and even rural areas.

Myth: I’ll be out of a job after a few months.

Reality: Everyone wants job security, but few jobs are 100% secure. Working as a travel nurse is a stable career path. While many contracts are 13 weeks, some are longer. Also, there may be instances where you can extend your contract. It’s common for nurses to move from one assignment to the next with as short a break as they wish. Hospitals across the country are always in need of extra help. Stay positive, make a great impression in your current assignment, and look forward to your next adventure, instead of worrying about what’s next!

Contributor Ron Washburn

Ron is currently the executive vice president of Soliant and has been with the company for more than 28 years now. He oversees our nursing and allied health division and has been with Soliant since its small beginnings in the early 90s. He’s an integral part of our organization, and not only hosts trainings for our groups but manages company events and continues to run a desk of clients and candidates. He is experienced in contract placement, recruiting, permanent placement and internet recruiting within the healthcare industry. Ron possesses a Master's degree focused on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from Georgia State University. Don’t forget to check out the rest of his blogs!