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Your Guide to Philadelphia School Jobs

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If you want to work in a culturally and racially diverse school, surrounded by history, sports and the arts, consider the City of Brotherly Love. The School District of Philadelphia was established in 1818 and serves more than 200,000 students, making it the eighth largest school district in the United States by enrollment. The School District of Philadelphia and other surrounding school districts are located in a historic and culturally rich setting, offering many opportunities for school health professionals to make a difference for the children of the area while enjoying all the city has to offer.

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Considerations When Negotiating an SLP Job Salary

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Speech-Language Pathologists have a significant and rewarding position, providing a higher quality of life to their patients. As specialists in communication, they offer therapy and treatment for many disorders and difficulties, including speech, communication, fluency, swallowing, and many more. An SLP may work with a wide range of ages, making a difference in the lives of babies through adults. Those who are just entering the field or who are looking for a new position as an SLP want to be sure that they are earning the money that their hard work is worth. Here are some tips that will help you negotiate a fair salary for your new position as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

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4 Reasons School Nursing is a Rewarding Career Choice

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There are many directions that you can go with your career in nursing, but many find that school nursing is one of the most rewarding paths that a nurse can take. At a glance, the idea of becoming a school nurse might seem a bit on the boring side, doling out band-aids and calling parents to pick up kids who have fallen victim to the latest stomach bug. The reality, though, is that school nursing is a very challenging and rewarding career for those who decide to go into the field. Here are four reasons school nursing is a rewarding career choice. Continue reading “4 Reasons School Nursing is a Rewarding Career Choice”

Monthly Health Theme Ideas for School Nurses

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As a part of the many jobs of the school nurse, helping to educate and bring attention to health issues. Everything has an awareness day or month, it seems, but sorting through to find things that are appropriate for your school community may be a challenge. The best option is to promote issues that matter to those in your community specifically, but if you’re stumped, we have some ideas for the school year listed below. Continue reading “Monthly Health Theme Ideas for School Nurses”

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a School Nurse

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Interviewing for the role of a school nurse is a bit different than filling any other position in either a healthcare or educational setting. There are a lot of special skills and personality traits that make up a good school nurse and you’ll want to ensure that you’re selecting a candidate that embodies these unique qualities. There are many questions to ask before hiring a school nurse, some of which will be customized to your own district’s needs and policies. Here are a few important questions to ask in a school nurse interview that will help you determine whether you have the right person for the job. Continue reading “Questions to Ask Before Hiring a School Nurse”

A Detailed Look at the Different Types of Special Education

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Special education is a very broad field and has many different specialties. Those who specialize in working with students who have extra challenges may find themselves in a number of different scenarios, depending on the school district or type of school that they are working in. There are six main types of special education within most public-school settings. Continue reading “A Detailed Look at the Different Types of Special Education”