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What is Local Travel Nursing?

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Local Travel Nursing Guide

Travel nursing is an exciting and increasingly popular career choice for healthcare professionals; however, local travel nursing might be a better option for nurses who want to enjoy the benefits of travel nursing without straying too far away from home.

Both travel nursing and local travel nursing provide unique opportunities for professional growth and personal enrichment, allowing nurses to gain invaluable experience and knowledge in diverse environments and healthcare systems. In addition, both careers allow nurses to maintain the flexibility to choose their assignments and enjoy a more competitive compared to regular nursing positions.

But what exactly is local travel nursing? And how do you know it’s the right option for you? In this local travel nursing guide from Soliant, we break down everything you need to know about local travel nursing, from the salary to the pros and cons of local assignments.

What is Local Travel Nursing?

Local travel nursing refers to a specific area of nursing where professionals are hired to work in short-term, temporary positions within their own home city or state. Like travel nurses, local travel nurses typically fill in during staffing shortages at hospitals or healthcare facilities. They still offer critical support in healthcare settings, providing care to patients while gaining diverse experience in their field.

The duration of local travel nurse assignments can vary, but most travel nurse assignments last between 8 and 13 weeks.

What is the Difference Between a Travel Nurse and a Local Travel Nurse?

The primary difference between a travel nurse and a local travel nurse lies in the location of their assignments. Travel nurses typically accept jobs across the country, often moving from one location to another after each assignment. They are usually required to travel far from their home city or state, and sometimes even their country, requiring them to adapt quickly to new environments and cultures.

On the other hand, local travel nurses work within their own city or state. They provide the same temporary support as travel nurses but without the need to relocate, making it an ideal option for those looking for flexibility and variety in their work but desire to stay close to home.

Is it possible to be a travel nurse in your own state?

Yes, it is possible to be a travel nurse in your own state. While many people assume travel nursing requires nurses to take jobs across the country far from home, travel nurses offer short-term staffing wherever they are needed—whether that’s 10 or 1,000 miles away from home.

The role of a travel nurse is to fill in gaps in nursing care across the country, so if there is a demand for nurses in your own state, then you would simply be doing your job to help meet the needs of the community.

How Much Does a Local Travel Nurse Make?

A local travel nurse traveling 10 miles to an assignment will receive the same pay for an assignment that a travel nurse traveling 1,000 miles would. The average pay varies greatly depending on the nurse’s experience and specialty, as well as the assignment’s location, the cost of living for that area, and the type of facility. However, reports that the average travel nurse’s annual salary typically falls somewhere between $84,688 and $107,006.

Do local travel nurses get paid less?

The competitive salary of travel nursing is what often attracts many healthcare workers to the career. But do local travel nurses still benefit from this high salary? It depends.

Nurses will receive the same pay for an assignment regardless of where they’re traveling from. However, in some cases, local travel nurses may not be eligible to receive tax-free stipends like travel nurses.

According to the IRS, the eligibility to receive a tax-free housing stipend depends on whether the travel nurse will need housing while on their assignment, such as a hotel. The general rule is that if a travel nurse takes an assignment less than 50 miles from their residence, then alternative housing is not necessary, and these local travel nurses will not be considered eligible for a tax-free stipend. By taking an assignment over 50 miles away, you can receive a tax-free stipend and benefit from a bit of extra cash.

We recommend reaching out to Soliant’s team of travel nurse recruiters to learn more about your options as a local travel nurse.

Pros and Cons of Local Travel Nursing

While travel nursing is an excellent option for nurses interested in traveling to new places across the country, local travel nursing may be a more attractive option for nurses who want to stay close to their residences. Learn about the pros and cons of local travel nursing assignments below:


  • The closer proximity to home is ideal for those who want to stay in their own home, have family or caretaking commitments, or prefer the comfort of their community.
  • There’s reduced stress associated with traveling to a new area and adapting to a completely new environment.
  • Working locally allows you to build a strong network within your community, which can be beneficial when looking for permanent jobs in the future.
  • You’ll be close enough to attend social gatherings and regularly meet with friends.


  • Depending on your area, there may be limited job opportunities in the field or specialty you want to work in.
  • One of the appeals of travel nursing is the chance to experience new places and meet new people. With local travel nursing, you miss out on that adventure.
  • If you’re too close to your primary residence, you may not be eligible for any tax-free stipends, such as housing or meal stipends, which is an attractive benefit of travel nursing.
  • If you’re always working within the same community, there may be fewer opportunities for professional growth and learning new practices.

Become a Local Travel Nurse

Local travel nursing provides an excellent opportunity for nurses seeking to expand their knowledge and benefit from the flexibility and competitive salary while staying in a familiar area.

Still unsure if local travel nursing is the right option for you? When looking at assignments, we understand there can be a lot to consider—compensation, relocation, benefits package, scheduling, and more. That’s why, as a reliable travel nurse job agency with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Soliant’s recruiters take the time to get to know you and your goals to find the perfect position for you, helping you assess the pros and cons of every opportunity—wherever it be located.

We have assignments located across the country in a wide range of settings waiting for you today! Explore travel nursing and travel allied health opportunities with Soliant.