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7 Inspirational Stories For Nurses That Will Remind You Why You Got Into Nursing

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It can seem like a thankless job at times. Then something comes along to remind you why you get up in the morning and do it in the first place. Here are 7 inspiring stories about being a nurse that might just have such an effect on you.

A Nursing Student at 48

First, an engineer, then a stay-at-home mom for 21 years, this anonymous 48-year-old nursing student (with four teenagers at home) was touched by the hospital care her severely disabled, non-communicative younger brother received before his death. Read about her triumphant third career here.

Nurse Not Afraid of a Challenge

Advised not to go into nursing by her father, registered mental health nurse Bette McMullan has worked in pediatrics, oncology, and now is a team leader in her community mental health day hospital and inpatient unit. You can find out how she overcame her challenges, here.

Police Officer to Registered Nurse

Former police officer Patrick Joyce decided to become a registered nurse after a decade of watching the emergency department staff at his local hospital in action. In 2015, he’s scheduled to graduate with a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Find out more about his story here.

Nurse Comforts Boy After Surgery

For most children, surgery can be a rather overwhelming and scary experience. After five-year-old Slade Thompson woke from his surgery his mother was unable to be there to comfort him. Luckily, Annie Hager, a nurse on duty, stepped in to calm the nerves of Thompson. Check out Hager’s full story here.

A Singing Nurse

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, there is a nurse name Brenda Buurstra who has been singing to her patients for over 14 years now. Buurstra believes that her job goes deeper than just providing physical care. You can watch Buurstra provide emotional support and sign to one of her patients here.

NICU Nurse Reunited With Family

Several years ago a NICU nurse in Washington state was taking care of a newborn with a serious condition. While caring for the child, the nurse Jamie, realized she recognized the father of the newborn. It turned out the father was her distant grandfather who she had lost touch with. Read the rest of the incredible story here.

Inspiring Letter to a Nursing Student

An anonymous letter found by a nursing student in a NCLEX book offered advice, encouragement and a coffee gift card to help with studying. Read the inspiring and heartwarming letter here.

These are just a few examples of the amazing things nurses do, in addition to them saving lives every day. If you are a nurse looking for your next opportunity make sure to check out our nursing jobs across the country through the button below.

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