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5 Things School Nurses Should do to Round Out the School Year

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The end of the school year is just around the corner! While it can be tempting to just coast into summer, school nurses have a lot that needs to be accomplished before the students have left the building. By taking care of a few important tasks at the end of the school year, you’ll make things easier for yourself as the next school year gets underway.

Complete Assessments and Reports

Every school and district has required paperwork for school nurses to complete at various times throughout the year. Double check the requirements for end of year reporting and assessments. Be sure that you are up to date, have the materials and forms you need, and know your deadlines to turn in paperwork. It is also a good time to follow up on things submitted earlier in the year and make sure that those have been received and are on file.

Make Arrangements for Medication Pickup or Disposal

Depending on your school’s policy on student medications, reach out to parents to arrange medication pickup or let them know when to expect medication to come home with their student. If your school does not allow you to send medication back home with students without written consent from parents, get forms out in a timely manner so this can be arranged. Be sure to state a clear deadline after which leftover medication will be disposed of properly.

Evaluate Equipment Needs

Take a look at the equipment in your office and make notes about what should be replaced, what needs repair, or any gaps that need to be filled. School nurses who work in more than one school should be sure to do this for each location. Submit any requests for equipment or repair through the proper channels so that everything can be taken care of over the summer.

Prepare Supply Order for Next School Year

Spend time reviewing the supplies that you have used throughout the school year and begin to prepare your supply order for the upcoming year. Organize backstock carefully to make sure that your order is accurate and you are not wasting budget on items that you do not need. Check expiration dates for things that will need to be tossed over the summer or early in the school year and take care of ordering replacements early.

Create a Follow Up List for the Upcoming Year

Make a list of students with ongoing medical issues whose files you should review at the beginning of the upcoming school year. This will help you to keep track of changes in treatment and medications, keeping you up to speed and allowing you to provide the best care for your students. If possible, reach out to their parents before the start of the school year so that you can be fully prepared to care for them once school is back in session.

Closing out the school year the right way helps you to get off on the right foot as the next school year begins. When you walk out the door feeling prepared for the next year and you’ll have an even more relaxing and fun summer!

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Contributor Ashley Waters

Ashley spent 6 years as a pharmacy tech, and has since grown with Soliant over the past 10 years, running and growing our school’s pupil services group from 3 recruiters to over 40! She’s originally from Southeast Georgia, graduated from Valdosta State University, and enjoys spending time with her husband Brandon and daughter Cameryn.