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Back to School for Healthcare Providers

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It’s that time of year again. The sun is getting just a little bit lower in the sky, the little league fields are emptying, and every other commercial on TV is for a new sale at the Gap. It must be back to school season! While most grown-ups may have long forgotten the particular joys and agonies of this time of year, having repressed them deep down inside along with any and all bathroom-related kindergarten incidents and hormones-gone-wild high school embarrassments, school-based therapists and nurses get to experience them over and over again! What a delight.

While you school healthcare professionals might like to believe a lot has changed for you since that fateful first day of 3rd grade when Billy Thompson gave you a swirly (yes, we know about that. The world will never forget), the truth is that going back to school is the same as it ever was for you. Skeptical? Here are a few aspects of going back to school that haven’t changed a bit since you were spritely, bright-eyed youth. Continue reading “Back to School for Healthcare Providers”