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4 Reasons School Nursing is a Rewarding Career Choice

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There are many directions that you can go with your career in nursing, but many find that school nursing is one of the most rewarding paths that a nurse can take. At a glance, the idea of becoming a school nurse might seem a bit on the boring side, doling out band-aids and calling parents to pick up kids who have fallen victim to the latest stomach bug. The reality, though, is that school nursing is a very challenging and rewarding career for those who decide to go into the field. Here are four reasons school nursing is a rewarding career choice.

Convenient Schedule

Let’s be honest here. That whole weekends and summers off part of being a school nurse? Not a bad job perk at all. School nursing can be a wonderful career for nurses who have children or are looking to start a family down the road, as the schedule typically works out that there are few days that they need to go to work when their school-aged children are at home and need care.

Extensive Use of Knowledge

The job of a school nurse goes far beyond dealing with tummy aches and sniffles until mom or dad can pick up their ailing little ones. School nurses are very often the caregiver that picks up on deeper issues and catches the signs and symptoms of both mental and physical problems in the students that they care for. They also have the opportunity to work with students who have chronic medical issues, using their knowledge and training in the field to help provide daily care for conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies, and more.

The Chance to Make a Difference

Over the years, everyone in the education field, including school nurses, will have a positive impact on the lives of children. Most often, there will be several children whose lives you will influence in your job as a school nurse. Whether you speak up when you sense a problem at home, listen when they need an adult they can trust, or just provide comfort when they’re not feeling their best, children will remember their favorite school nurse fondly and think of you often as they grow older.

These are just a few of the more popular and obvious benefits of choosing a career path in school nursing. Every school nurse will have their own unique list of reasons why they find their job to be rewarding. If you’re looking for a challenging job that makes a difference in the lives of children, while offering great perks and benefits, this is definitely a career to consider.

Contributor Ashley Waters

Ashley spent 6 years as a pharmacy tech, and has since grown with Soliant over the past 10 years, running and growing our school’s pupil services group from 3 recruiters to over 40! She’s originally from Southeast Georgia, graduated from Valdosta State University, and enjoys spending time with her husband Brandon and daughter Cameryn.